We have created a line of carton containers, ecological and easily recyclable for the food industry and for any other product that needs a personalized packaging.

E.G.A. PACK - Trays


Our range of trays includes the use of different types of cardboard: recycled, pure virgin fiber, microwave coupled with plastic waterproofing materials and special anti-grease treatments. Particular attention is given to the confectionery sector with various types of gilded, silvered and polythene trays that add quality, style and elegance to the product.

E.G.A. PACK - Boxes and die-cut


We offer various types of boxes and cases, self-assembling folded, printed with 4 or 5 colors flexo, coupled with lithographic printing, boxes spread and punched in general. Our goal is to fully cover the flexible packaging sector.

E.G.A. PACK - Hives


Thanks to the support of the wine cellars of our territory, we have realized different types of hives in stretched cardboard designed to facilitate the automatic insertion of the bottles in their packaging. The hive in stretched cardboard takes up about 1/3 of the space of a normal beehive in a microwave, and is more machinable.